Pete Leonard

Founder and Roast Master @ I Have a Bean, IL

Friday (1/4) Seminar Speaker – Coffee, Con’s and Christ. Why did THAT happen?

Pete Leonard started his adult work life at Arthur Andersen and Andersen Consulting where he worked 13 years as a technologist and business consultant. He left Andersen, solving technology problems for several small companies in the midwest. A few years later he threw caution to the wind, left his ‘real’ job and started his own small company.
Within a few years he had leveraged the technology he created at his first company into a second and then a third. But life changed dramatically when he blended his passion for exceptional coffee with love for a group of people that a fearful society would rather throw away: Felons.
Pete is now living a roller-coaster life as the Founder and Roast Master of I Have a Bean, a for-profit coffee roasting company with a business model as unique as the coffee roasting system he invented. The company primarily employs post-prison people who roast coffee rated in the top 1% of coffee in the world.