We’re excited to bring you seminars that we hope will be helpful for your life and ministry. Take a moment to read over the seminar descriptions and select 4 that you would like to attend (2 on Thursday and 2 on Friday) during registration. Note: seminars that are crossed out are FULL.

Thursday – January 7
Session 1
  • Depression, Dr. Min Chung
  • Developing a Prayer Life, Rev. Matt Ro
  • Gospel-Centered Life, Rev. Robin Koshy
  • Heart Motives Part 1, Dr. Sang Caleb Kim
  • Knowing God’s Will, Rev. Paul Chi
Session 2
  • Dug Down Deep, Joshua Harris
  • Heart Motives Part 2, Dr. Sang Caleb Kim
  • Homosexuality, Dr. Min Chung
  • Social Justice, Rev. Matt Ro
  • Subversive Community, Dr. Mitch Kim
Friday – January 8
Session 3
  • Experiencing the Presence of God, Rev. Edward Kim
  • Discipleship, Rev. Jung Lee
  • Leadership Challenge Part 1, Dr. Steve Lee
  • The Great Mystery, Dr. Elizabeth Lightbody
  • Your Work as Worship, Thomas Kim
Session 4
  • Character of a Missionary, Dr. Elizabeth Lightbody
  • Confessions of a Christian Doctor, Dr. Sang Caleb Kim
  • Leadership Challenge Part 2, Dr. Steve Lee
  • Sizing Up the Canon, Rev. Brian Park
  • Small Group Leadership, Rev. KJ Kim

Thursday - January 7

Dr. Min Chung

“Why are you cast down, O my soul, and why are you in turmoil within me?” Psalm 42:5. Humanity’s struggle with depression isn’t anything new. But it seems to have reached epidemic levels in our day and age. How can we address the challenges with a biblical lens to offer hope for ourselves and for others? This seminar will look at various issues such as: secular psychiatry vs. theology, root causes of depression, physical vs. spiritual factors, the use of medication, and practical and concrete counsel. We pray and believe this seminar will lay a powerful foundation to be a light of hope for the depressed.

Developing a Prayer Life
Rev. Matt Ro

Struggling to find a fruitful, intimate prayer life? Prayer is a discipline, much like fasting, meditation, and confession. But in our multi-tasking, instant gratification world, we need to develop the discipline of prayer. This seminar is designed to help you conduct an extended "prayer meeting" of your own, learning to connect with God more deeply.  We will learn to become more intentional as we strive to converse with the Creator of the universe who is there, cares, and listens with an ear to respond, both for His glory and for your good.

Gospel-Centered Life
Rev. Robin Koshy

The gospel is the heart of Christianity. J.D. Greear says, "The gospel is not the diving board off of which we jump into a pool of Christianity, the gospel is the pool itself. That’s why growth in Christ is never going beyond the gospel, but going deeper into it." So how does the Gospel affect our finances, marriage, our recreation, our sexuality, our anxiety, our decision making, our prayer/devotional life, our parenting, etc.? This seminar will explore how the gospel is not just the beginning of Christianity, but seeing it as the hub by which everything else holds together.

Heart Motives
Dr. Sang Caleb Kim

“All a man's ways seem innocent to him, but motives are weighed by the LORD” (Proverbs 16:2). What makes us get angry, frustrated, or depressed? Why are we drawn to certain people but can't seem to “click” with others? Why do some memories linger for years when others are forgotten in a moment? The revolutionary heart motive system will address these questions and help us get to the root of our thoughts and actions. 

Note: Due to the extensive content of the lecture, the heart motives seminar is for both sessions on Thursday (seminar 1 and 2). You must sign up for both lectures if you want to participate in this seminar.

Knowing God’s Will
Rev. Paul Chi

Children are often asked this question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Over the years, this question can develop into quite a confusing dilemma. As we approach our young adult years, we are filled with questions like, “What career path should I follow?” “Who should I marry?” “Where should I live?” “Do I have any real choices in my life or is it all just destiny?” In this seminar, Pastor Paul Chi will offer both a biblical and a practical perspective on this important topic of knowing God's will.

Dug Down Deep
Joshua Harris

This seminar is based on Mr. Harris’ book with the same title, which aims to dig deeper into Christian theology. Here are some reviews endorsing the book: “Dug Down Deep is systematic theology like you’ve never seen it before. Readable. Relevant. Powerful. As best-selling author Joshua Harris shares his own journey from apathetic church-kid to student with a burning passion to truly know God, you’ll be challenged to dig deep into the truths of God’s word.” (Joni Eareckson Tada), “Dug Down Deep is an incredible book! It's a tangible and incarnate look at theology. I would give it to any young Christian who wants to understand their faith.” (Lecrae), “A humbling, compelling, invigorating read.” (J. I. Packer)

Dr. Min Chung

Homosexuality is one of the most pressing and debated issues of our time. For too long the Church has been uninformed, aloof, or belligerent towards the topic. Instead, we must be seek to understand our sexuality from the wisdom of Scriptures and then become a voice of truth and compassion to the world. This seminar will look at issues such as: clarifying misunderstandings about homosexuality, the question of nature vs. nurture, compassionate counsel for those with homosexual desire, and grasping the wider implications for the Church and our culture. 

Subversive Community: The Church in the World in the Book of Acts
Dr. Mitch Kim

What does it look like to be the church in the world? How should we understand the Supreme Court decision on homosexuality? What should the church’s relationship be with political power? The church in the book of Acts struggled with their relationship with the Roman empire. Although they were innocent of wrong doing before the Roman empire, they turned the world upside down (Acts 17:6). How does the church turn the world upside down? This seminar will explore the role of the church in the world as a subversive community in the book of Acts. We will draw out implications for our relationship to the power structures of our day as well. 

Friday - January 8

Small Group Leadership
Rev. KJ Kim

In an attempt to give people a place to get into each other's lives and shepherd one another, the small group system is an invaluable component of many churches and fellowships. Maybe you've even been asked to lead one or are leading one. Have you ever thought, "What is a healthy small group?", "How can I better lead and shepherd my group?", or "How can I better foster a sense of community in my small group?" Pastor KJ Kim will discuss essential elements to having Christ-centered and God-honoring small groups.

Experiencing the Presence of God
Rev. Edward Kim

We see God in Scripture. We hear God in prayer. We feel God in worship. Can we see, hear, and, feel God in everything else we do around our devotions and church services? This seminar explores how God meets us in our jobs, our schools, our relationships, our ordering Dominos Pizza—in everything.

Rev. Jung Lee

Jesus began with only twelve disciples, but his followers have grown into the largest religion in the world. His strategy was never to draw a huge crowd, but to make disciples. This seminar will think through perhaps the most important mandate given to the Church—the art of making disciples.

Leadership Challenge
Dr. Steve Lee

Historically, it took 10 years of training to become a sushi chef—years of menial labor and observation before the apprentice was given the opportunity to cut into his first fish. When it comes to training spiritual leaders, we tend to place great emphasis on a person’s professional credentials, abilities, and giftedness. But God’s perspective on leadership development is quite different. In this seminar, we will explore the journey of the apprentice whom God is raising into spiritual leadership. The lessons will not only be applicable to those headed into "full-time ministry," but also to anyone who desires to be used by God for his kingdom work. 

Note: Due to the extensive content of the lecture, the leadership seminar is for both sessions on Friday (seminar 3 and 4). You must sign up for both lectures if you want to participate in this seminar.

The Great Mystery – Called or No Call?
Dr. Elizabeth Lightbody

Do I need a clear and unmistakable call from God to be involved in cross-cultural missions? Sometimes we want a series of texts from God telling us to go or to stay. Is it OK to be involved simply because I see the need in the world around me? This seminar will tackle the issue of the missionary call and the Christian’s call to be mission-minded.

Your Work as Worship
Thomas Kim

Work is often seen as a means to an end - to put food on the table, support good charities, and be a faithful witness. But what about the work itself? What does it mean to worship God in the minutiae of my job? Lessons and ongoing challenges from a working professional.

Confessions of a Christian Doctor
Dr. Sang Caleb Kim

Drawing from his experiences working as a lecturer, physician, and father, etc., Dr. Caleb will first lay out a theological framework for thinking about the work - family - church dynamic and how to practically live it out in our lives. This seminar will encourage us to appreciate and be challenged by the way the Gospel transforms us as workers and how this informs our worldview as we head into work on Monday mornings.

Sizing Up the Canon
Rev. Brian Park

We are encouraged to read the Bible, study it, and live out its principles. But have you ever wondered how the Bible came to be? Why were certain books chosen and others excluded? And who made this decision? (And why do the Bibles of my Roman Catholic friends contain books that are missing in mine?) This seminar will explore the circumstances in the post early-Church era that led to the emergence of the canon—the sixty-six books that comprise the Old and New Testament. We will also consider some arguments against the orthodox view that are commonly taught in university classrooms and popularized by The Da Vinci Code, among others. The goal of this seminar is to help the participant become more informed and confident in the Bible as God's Word.

Social Justice
Rev. Matt Ro

Social justice refers to God’s original design for human society: a world where basic needs are provided for in love, where people flourish, and where shalom reigns in the Kingdom of God — specifically in our human interactions and societal structures. As Cornelius Plantinga writes, “In the Bible, shalom means universal flourishing, wholeness, and delight… the webbing-together of God, humans, and all creation in justice, fulfillment, and delight.” In this seminar, we’ll cover the theological basis of social justice as well as how the Church can magnify God by working for justice on behalf of the poor, the widow, the orphan, and the alien by showing people His mercy through tangible acts of love.

The Character of a Missionary – Does it Matter?
Dr. Elizabeth Lightbody

This seminar will be based on the book of Daniel, who was a spokesperson for God in a foreign culture. He not only survived in that culture, but also flourished in it – spiritually, socially, and missionally. Character does indeed matter. This seminar will investigate the qualities that are needed to thrive in a hostile environment.